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Personalized Learning Day

Middie Rising

What is a Personalized Learning Day?

Personalized Learning is a student-led day of choice. On Personalized Learning Days, our teachers and staff will engage in professional development while the students are at home and learning independently. 

When are the Personalized Learning Days?

  • Tuesday, September 6
  • Tuesday, November 8
  • Tuesday, February 21

How do students participate?

Students will not report to school on Personal Learning Days, but this isn't a “day off.” Choose at least one experience from the clickable Choice Board below, and design your learning opportunity.

Interactive Choice Board

Tablero de Eleccion


Instruction Video

Career Fields

Daily Attendance and Participation

The Personalized Learning Days offer experiences and choices for Middletown students. The options support the development of a student's Passport to Tomorrow skills.

  • K-5 students complete a hard copy reflection sheet and submit it to their homeroom teacher.
  • 6-12 students complete a Google reflection form and submit it to their first-period teacher.
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