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Department Staff

Middie Rising

Communication is very important to us. Please contact us by telephone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2638 or by email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Randy Bertram Treasurer/CFO
Phone: 513-423-0781
Marie Tuttle Assistant Treasurer
Phone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2637
Mandi Nicholas Payroll Supervisor
Phone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2641
Gail Sams EMIS Administrator
Phone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2773
Andrea Laswell Administrative Secretary to the Treasurer, Superintendent, & Communications Administrator
Phone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2638
Heather Magill Payroll Specialist
Phone Call: 513-423-0781 ext. 2642
Donna Noes Accounts Payable Specialist
Phone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2640

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