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Human Resources

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Human Resources Mission Statement

The Human Resources Department’s mission is to recruit, select, and hire the best employees to teach and work with the students of the Middletown City School District. Together, with the help of the principals and supervisors we will hire top-quality personnel to assist our students in their education. As a department, we will work with integrity to promote an open and transparent working relationship with our district employees. It is our goal to strategically support academic excellence by ensuring that all Middletown City School District students achieve their personal best.

The Human Resource Department handles all employee matters for the district. We assist employees with employee support, leave, license renewal, mentoring new teachers, management and contract compliance of both bargained agreements, employee contracts, identification badges, posting positions, maintaining personnel records, and many other staff-related issues. Our commitment in the Human Resource Department is to provide information that is useful, accurate, and given in a timely manner to both our employees and to the community.

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