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Health Internship
Picture of certificate. It reads "The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce herby awards the Momentum Award 2023 to Amanda Elementary School."

Amanda Elementary Receives Momentum Award

APR 9, 2024

Amanda Elementary School has been presented with the Momentum Award by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (ODEW) for its results on the 2022-2023 state report card.

The Momentum Award is ...

Graphic depicting a solar eclipse reads "4/8/24 District closed for total solar eclipse."

District Closed for Total Solar Eclipse

APR 2, 2024

Middletown City School District (MCSD) will be closed on Monday, April 8, 2024, for the total solar eclipse. There will be no school or afterschool activities that day.

Locations across Ohio, includi...

Graphic reads "REMOTE LEARNING DAY. March 19 is a Remote Learning Day for Grades K-6."

March 19 is a Remote Learning Day for K-6 Students

MAR 11, 2024

March 19 will be a Remote Learning Day for all kindergarten through 6th grade students in Middletown City School District (MCSD). All K-6 students will learn from home on this day.

Ohio's Presidentia...

Teacher holds basket of fresh fruit in one hand, and an apple in the other.

Students Get Access to Fresh Fruit All Day in Pilot Program

FEB 28, 2024

Fourth grade classrooms at Rosa Parks Elementary are testing out a pilot program that gives students access to fresh fruit throughout the entire school day. 

The idea stemmed from a trip Superintende...

Two people smile for photo. Man, on the right, holds up award he's just won.

PE Teacher Wins Teacher of the Year Award from First Tee Chapter

FEB 26, 2024

Brad Fletcher, the Physical Education (PE) teacher at Amanda Elementary, was named the Teacher of the Year by First Tee Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky (GCNKY) Chapter.

Fletcher is the first p...

Two young girls smile for the camera while planting seeds in new food lab.

Sowing Success: Classroom Cultivates Grant to Grow Healthy Habits

FEB 23, 2024

A grant from the Elks National Foundation is helping unearth a golden opportunity to grow healthy eating habits and hands-on learning experiences for students at Rosa Parks Elementary.

The foundation...

Graphic reads "Passport to tomorrow. Dream today. Rise tomorrow."

High School Students to Engage in Experiential Learning Day

FEB 23, 2024

On Tuesday, February 27, while juniors are taking the ACT, freshman, sophomore, and senior students at Middletown High School will embark on a day of experiential learning opportunities. The immersive...

Boy with Down syndrome dribbles basketball down the court wearing a "Middies" jersey with the crowd cheering him on in the background.

Boys' Basketball Team Manager Scores First Points of Senior Night Game

FEB 16, 2024
Five people hold up large $100,000 grant check in front of banners for Adopt A Class

Middletown City Schools, along with Partners, Awarded the Ohio Industry Sector Partnership Grant

FEB 13, 2024

Adopt A Class, together with Middletown City Schools and the City of Middletown, is the proud recipient of the Ohio Industry Sector Partnership (ISP) Grant. This prestigious award highlights the share...

Photo collage shows couples made up of Middletown City Schools employees

Celebrating our "Married Middies," MCSD employees married to another MCSD employee

FEB 13, 2024

Celebrating love in the Middletown City School District (MCSD) this Valentine's Day.

We're shining a light on something truly special at MCSD, our "Married Middies!" These are our employees who are m...

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