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Middie Rising

Letter from Our Treasurer

Middletown City School District Community and Guests,

Since August 2014, it has been my privilege to serve as your Treasurer/CFO for Middletown City Schools. I am part of a team of dedicated professionals committed to the education and development of our students. I work closely with the Board of Education, Superintendent, staff members, and community, to ensure the financial health of our district.

As the Chief Fiscal Officer of Middletown City Schools, I oversee annual appropriations, payroll, fixed assets, purchasing, financial reporting, investing, deposits, annual state audits, and all other fiscal responsibilities. I am supported by a team of six devoted employees who assist with the district's day-to-day financial operations.

Additionally, I serve as the Secretary to the Board of Education, ensuring the safekeeping and accessibility of all contracts, documents, and official minutes of Board meetings. The district maintains Board meeting minutes dating back to 1857, which are public records available for review during business hours.

To improve communication with our taxpayers, we continuously update financial information on our website. Our goal is to provide you with accurate, meaningful data that is easy to understand.

Please feel free to contact me, or any member of my team, with questions, comments, or suggestions. I look forward to continuing to serve you and, more importantly, our students.


Randy Bertram, Treasurer/CFO
Middletown City School District

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