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School-Wide Programs

Middie Rising

School-Wide Programs

Middle School Counseling Program Plan

To learn more about what the school counseling program provides for your students, feel free to view the document above.

The following information provides additional details about programs and services.  


Cyberbullying Presentations

Cincinnati Bell will be hosting a cyber-bullying presentation for all middle school students.  With the increase in technology and social media, the goal of this presentation is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make responsible decisions on their devices. The presentation will focus on common technology issues confronting young people today such as sexting, online privacy, and cyber-bullying. This will be the third year MMS has successfully implemented this presentation in order to educate students about how to positively use social media. 


Middie PRIDE Team

Middie Pride is a program offered to any and all students who are interested in finding a place to belong and connect with other students. It is an after school program held on the 2nd Thursday of every month until 4:15pm. Students will engage in community service activities to do some positive things within the school and community. Also, students will have the opportunity to participate in fun trips to bowling, putt putt, etc. Overall, the group is aimed to give students a sense of belonging and promote positive relationships with others. 



Middle School students can be faced with a variety of choices as they are growing up. The CHOICES program is an interactive, decision-making workshop that empowers teens to achieve academic success in pursuit of their career and life aspirations. Local business and community volunteers conduct sessions that present students with real world exercises on academic self-discipline, time and money management, and goal-setting. This program can show students how little decisions early in life can have long term consequences for themselves and others. The aim of this program is to empower students to take control and responsibility in making positive choices. 


Access to Middie Pride (AMP)

AMP is a group designed to help middle school students cope with all the changes life can bring at this time in their lives. Topics that are covered include: self-esteem, anger management, internet safety, relationships, drug use prevention, stress and depression. AMP is held on Tuesdays from 3:00-5:00pm in the school conference room. Snacks and transportation home are provided. To sign up, please contact your child's school counselor. 

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