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Middie Rising

Parent & Family Resources

The Middletown City School District has many resources to keep parents actively involved in their students education.

List of Resources

Resource Catalog for Students with Special Needs

Action needed from parents and guardians of homeschooled and MVP students only.

You are now required by the state of Ohio to apply for P-EBT benefits on your own.

A new survey from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services must be filled out online.

The application process is available online until May 31, 2023, after that benefit applications will not be accepted.

When completing the application, parents and guardians are required to list the reason why the student left the traditional "brick and mortar" school for virtual or homeschooled learning.

You must also list the household income, and upload verification/proof of income.

You can access the online application for P-EBT benefits here. 

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