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Are You a New Student?

Middie Rising

Are You a New Student?

Upon enrolling, the technology department is alerted of your entry. They generate your ability to access computer accounts. Once generated, the first password will be azxcvbnm. You will be prompted to change the password. 

Please choose a password that is, at minimum, 8 characters long. The log in will always be your ID#. If you are in a technology class, that teacher can assist you, as well. If this does not work, please come in and see me or ask your teacher to place a ticket to generate one for you. This will generate a password for your account. Your teacher will be alerted when it is available for you to use the first time and they can walk you through the steps. 

Your ID# is your breakfast and lunch ID# and is used for checking out books. 

The Main Office is where you get Work Permits.

Parking Passes are available through the Bookkeeper.

Lockers are obtained through the Class Office.

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