Middletown High School

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MHS Principal- Carmela Cotter


Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to Middletown High School, the home of the Middies!

High School is a special time in life and I encourage all students to embrace opportunities in academics, athletics, the arts, extracurricular clubs and activities, and work/service. All of these areas offer fun and rewarding chances to grow and develop into well-rounded and happy adults.

Know that Middletown High School takes the education of all our students very seriously. Even during challenging economic times, we have remained committed to our varied programming options. We have a great variety of elective and Advanced Placement classes for a rigorous schedule as well as many intervention programs and strategies for students who struggle in the classroom. We have a Title I supported intervention lab and a College Credit Plus lab to maximize options for our students. Study halls, manned by licensed teachers provide additional support and good study habits, in our daily schedule. And, we have a weekly MAP, Middie Advisory Period, for mentoring and social/emotional support of our students.

MiddState, our alternative program, has moved to Central Avenue beside Cincinnati State. We are excited for the opportunities for postsecondary work that are being afforded to our students in this program.

Each student at Middletown High School is important and valued by our team of educators. Each student is in an exciting time of life filled with opportunities to discover their potential and progress toward their personal success. Our best advice is to embrace the time you spend at Middletown High School and take advantage of as many opportunities as you can handle. You will find new friends and be delighted at what you learn and experience.

We, the faculty and staff of Middletown High School, are looking forward to each day with our students. If we can be of any assistance, please call or email us. We look forward to a wonderful partnership with our students, parents, and community.


MHS Principal, Carmela Cotter 

Phone: 513 420-4500

E-mail: ccotter@middletowncityschools.com

Facebook: Middletown High School

Twitter: @MHSMiddieTweets 


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