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Outside of Mayfield Elementary school building

Mayfield Elementary School serves approximately 540 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade with at least three classrooms at each grade level. We have three to four homerooms at each grade level kindergarten through 5th grade. Kindergarten students attend all day. Teachers at each grade level meet to plan instruction that will best serve our students.    

  • Special education services are provided to students with identified special needs in the least restrictive environment.  Mayfield employs four special education intervention specialists who work with regular education teachers to best serve these students.  Speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are available to those students who qualify. 

  • Independent counseling agencies provide services to those identified students in need.  Tutoring services are available to the identified Limited English Proficiency (LEP) students.  A nurse is available to provide medical services to all of the Mayfield students.

  • There are four full time special area teachers who provide students with instruction in art, music, physical education and reading/math tutoring. Each student receives 45 minutes of instruction in one of these areas each day. 

  • Breakfast and Lunch is provided to all students each morning at no cost to the student. Students are welcome to bring their lunch from home. Each student is given a 15 minute recess after the 30 minute lunch break.

  • Four literacy activities are planned during each school year by two Parent Activity Coordinators.  Each activity takes place in the evening for Mayfield families to experience and enjoy.   

  • The Mayfield PTA is very active supporting students and teachers.  The PTA raises funds to help support educational experiences for our students.  Parent-children activities are also planned and provided by the PTA.

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