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"To Inspire" A Message from the Board of Education

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"To Inspire" A Message from the Board of Education

Jun 8, 2020
MCSD BOE Members

08 June 2020

To Inspire, Unite, and Transform- these three words capture the vision of Middletown City Schools. The power of words is their ability to articulate expectations and guide behavior. In this time of social unrest, it is imperative that our community understands the moral and ethical foundation of its public schools. 

Middletown City Schools stands united in the fight against racism. We are a district that emphasizes social justice and realize that we must be intentional in our work to fulfill our nation’s promise of freedom and equity for all children.

We see differences as a strength and aspire to leverage the individual talents of our students and staff to transform our community.  Aristotle said that, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” In other words, when individual parts are connected together to form one entity, much more is made possible. Our vision statement—Inspire, Unite, Transform—is a perfect example of connecting together. 

Our continued growth as a district is dependent on our ability to connect life within the classroom to the life outside.  We acknowledge that we live in an imperfect world and the life outside a school impacts the world inside a classroom.  As we encounter a society that continues to wrestle with issues of equity and justice, we must expose our students and staff to experiences that prepare them to be agents of positive change. Our district strategic plan emphasizes a community focus that we must be active in our quest to value diversity.  The enduring unrest that has spiked in recent weeks provides credence that Middletown City Schools must continue to be vigilant in our quest to inspire, unite and, transform.


Dr. Chris Urso – President

Mrs. Cathie Mulligan – Vice President 

Mr. Todd Moore – Member

Ms. Michelle Novak – Member

Mrs. Anita Scheibert – Member

Mr. Randy Bertram – Treasurer

Mr. Marlon Styles, Jr. – Superintendent

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