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Statement from Middletown City Schools: Highview 6th Grade Center

Posted on: October 14, 2021
statement update

 (10:20 AM): We'd like to thank all the medical, fire, and police who responded to Highview 6th Grade Center this morning. All parents/guardians of students who were on the bus have been contacted. 

UPDATE (9:16 AM): The accident has been cleared. There were 24 students on the bus and one driver at the time of the accident. Out of an abundance of caution, the paramedics determined 11 students to be transported to area hospitals. All injuries are minor and all parents have been contacted.

 (8:50 AM): Middletown City School District had one of our school buses involved in an accident before school today. The accident occurred on Central Avenue and North Highview Drive. The bus was on the way to Highview 6th Grade Center when it was rear ended. The bus was carrying approximately 16 students and two drivers. Out of an abundance of caution, multiple paramedics arrived to help evaluate the passengers.