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Return of the Middie Olympics

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Return of the Middie Olympics

May 17, 2022
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Special Olympics day returns to Middletown with joyous tears, cheers

The end of the school year is always fun, but this year it’s even better with the return of The Middie Olympics. The Journal-News joined in our wonderful district tradition and, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, it was the perfect day to gather and compete together. All day long you saw smiles, witnessed dancing, and experienced more hugs and high fives than one can count. It was a good day to be a Middie!

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Special Olympics day returns to Middletown with joyous tears, cheers

May 15, 2022

By Michael D. Clark, Journal-News Staff Writer


“All children with special needs deserve a special day and over the years Middletown Schools have made an annual sports event designed just for these students one of the district’s trademark specialties… 


“Hundreds of special needs Middletown students — from all 10 of the city schools — were joined by their families and friends in the sports-themed celebration that saw them participating in modified track and athletic events… 


“Students exited school buses and entered the sports stadium through a corridor of high school cheerleaders, shaking pom-poms and shouting encouragement… 


“A skydiver brought a giant American flag down from above while the national anthem played. Soon after each of the participating schools’ athletes marched together behind their teams’ hand-crafted banners as the traditional world Olympics theme music played over the stadium’s speakers… 


“Then teams of students split up and began…to compete in a variety of competitions especially designed to allow even those with physical challenges to join in the fun…


“Meghan Davidson, special needs intervention specialist at Middletown High School…[said] ‘this is super important’ for the kids… 


“‘This is our first Middie Olympics we’ve had since COVID-19 and our kids are very excited and these students are very deserving. It’s an awesome day to celebrate them and our special needs community…This is also a very exciting opportunity for parents to get to see their children. We have a very, tight-knit special needs community and this is just an awesome way to celebrate all those aspects of what makes Middletown city schools a great district,’ she said… 


“Middletown school parent Paula Dixon was smiling watching her son among the athletes enjoying the games…


“‘This is his first year here so it’s really special for us. I love it and it’s a great opportunity for him,’ said Dixon… 


“Everyone went home with Middie Olympic medals and fun memories…”

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