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ProgressBook App

Jan 6, 2022
Progressbook screens on mobile device

Download the New ProgressBook App (en Espanol)

With the Frontline ProgressBook Parent /Student mobile app, students and their families can track grades, view homework assignments, monitor attendance, and more. For questions about information in the Frontline ProgressBook Parent/Student mobile app, please contact your school district.

Download the Mobile App

Go to the Apple App Store or Android Apps on Google Play and search for “ProgressBook Parent/Student” to find the Frontline ProgressBook Parent/Student mobile app and download the app.

 If You Already Have an Account

Whether you are a parent/guardian or student, you can use your current ProgressBook username and password to log in to the Frontline ProgressBook Parent/Student mobile app.

  1.             Open the mobile app.
  2.             Tap Login.
  3.             When redirected to the website, begin typing your district name.
  4.              In the results list that displays, select your district.
  5.             Tap Go.
  6.             Enter your Username and Password.
  7.             Tap Sign In.

Note: Your selected district is saved for future log ins. If you are a parent/guardian with students attending different districts, you can switch districts as needed.

If You Are a Student Using Google Single Sign-On

  1.  Tap Login.

  2. When redirected to the website, begin typing your district name.

  3. In the results list that displays, select your district.

  4. Tap Go.

  5. Scroll down and tap Students Sign in with Google.

  6. Follow the prompts to log in with your Google account.

If You Have a Registration Key

  1.      Open the mobile app.
  2.      Tap Login.
  3.      When redirected to the website, begin typing your district name.
  4.       In the results list that displays, select your district.
  5.      Tap Go.
  6.      Scroll down to the New to ProgressBook? section.
  7.      Tap Create Account.
  8.      On the next screen, tap New Parent Account or New Student Account.
  9.      Follow the prompts on the screen to complete registration.
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