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Middletown Police Department and Middletown Fire Department Speak with Leadership Club Students

Middie Rising
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Middletown Police Department and Middletown Fire Department Speak with Leadership Club Students

May 6, 2022

Middletown Police Department and Middletown Fire Department hosted community students in the Leadership Club on Wednesday, May 4, at the Sonny Hill Community Center. MPD and MFD members offered the 13 to 14-year old students a better understanding of their jobs and how they interact in the community. Students gained insight and perspective into the day to day activities of first responders and what it takes to be a police officer or firefighter/EMT.

“It is an honor to mentor the youth of the community we serve. The Middletown Police Department prides itself on the partnerships we continue to build upon with the community,” stated Chief Birk. 

MPD Chief Birk, Deputy Chief Crank, and Detective W shared their experiences of being on the police department as well as things the students can do to better support their community. Det. W showed the students how he collects fingerprints and other types of evidence on crime scenes.

“The kids of Middletown are our future, so anything we can do to help them is a bonus for us.” 

Likewise, members of the Station 81 platoon from MFD spoke with the students about what it’s like to be a firefighter and paramedic in addition to showing the students some of the items they use on emergency runs such as the heart monitor, an intravenous line with fluids, and chest compression tool in addition to providing access to the trucks. 

“It’s very exciting to see our youth interested in a career in public safety. The Middletown Division of Fire continually works with Middletown City Schools and children to engage students for a career in the fire service,” stated Acting City Manager and Fire Chief Paul Lolli.

Middletown City Council recently approved additional funds for the Leadership Club to continue at the Community Center. The money improves the quality of the programs and allows the opportunity for more community children to participate and gain important experiences.

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