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Middletown City Schools Welcomes New Board Member

Middie Rising
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Middletown City Schools Welcomes New Board Member

Jan 12, 2024
Woman poses for photo in front of Middletown City School District sign
Middletown City Schools Welcomes New Board Member Holly Snow

Middletown City School District (MCSD) is excited to welcome Mrs. Holly Snow to the Board of Education as its newest Board Member. Snow, who has children who attend MCSD, was sworn in during the first School Board meeting of 2024 on January 8. 

"I'm genuinely thrilled about the opportunity to collaborate with everyone and contribute to the community," Snow said. "It's truly humbling to have the support and trust of the community in getting elected."

Snow was sworn in alongside Dr. Chris Urso, who was re-elected as President of the Board of Education, as well as Anita Scheibert, who was also re-elected and will now serve as Vice President.

Snow will serve on the Finance Committee and as the OSBA Urban Commission Representative for MCSD.

"The plan is to absorb as much as I can during this initial phase, laying a strong foundation for the rest of my term," Snow said. "I'm particularly eager to hear from the staff, students, and the community at large about their fantastic ideas on how we can enhance our school district. Looking forward to a productive and collaborative journey ahead."

Parents, teachers, students, and community members are encouraged to engage with Mrs. Snow and the other Board Members, to share thoughts, ideas, and aspirations for MCSD, to help shape the future of education in our community.

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