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Miami University and Middletown Schools Partner on Teacher Licensure Program

Middie Rising
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Miami University and Middletown Schools Partner on Teacher Licensure Program

Mar 23, 2021
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In 2019, Miami University in partnership with Middletown City Schools was awarded a state grant from the Ohio Dean's Compact to develop and implement a pilot teacher licensure program. This program will give students the tools to become instructional designers, urban minded educators as well as gain an appreciation for a diverse student population. 

At the end of the program, teacher education majors will receive licenses in both elementary and special education, PK-5, in four years. The two educational institutes developed unique freshmen and student teaching experiences to take place in Middletown City Schools, in addition to inclusive content infused into coursework. This spring the Miami pilot cohort meets at Rosa Parks Elementary every Thursday to learn from teachers, students, and administrators.

To better serve and learn from the elementary students, the City of Middletown Economic Development Office and the school district planned a bus tour to introduce the Miami students to the Rosa Parks neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

The group toured the historic Sorg Theatre and they stopped at the Center of Hope Women's Shelter where Tammi Ector boarded the bus to tell her personal story and introduce students to the Hope Center. During the tour, guides emphasized Middletown history, future economic development plans for the city, and workforce development.


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