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Get to Know Our Elementary Counselors: Part 4

Middie Rising
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Get to Know Our Elementary Counselors: Part 4

Nov 2, 2021
Lexie Steinicki in group of people and quote

Get to Know Our Elementary Counselors!

Name: Lexie Stelnicki

School building/Grade: Amanda Elementary (K-5)

Subject Area: School Counselor

College(s): Bowling Green State University 

Hometown: Strongsville, OH

Tell us a little about yourself and your family:

  • I am so glad to be back as an Amanda mustang, as the city that I grew up in were also the mustangs! I love that I am returning to roots, while also joining as a new Middie! I have one sister and a lot of family including our family dog Delilah! I love to spend time with friends and family while watching a movie, relaxing or crafting!

Why did you become an educator/school counselor?

  • I chose to be a school counselor to help others and to help students struggling with hard times. As a young child, I had some amazing teachers and counselors that helped me in many ways, and I wanted to give back! Further, I love being in the school setting. 

What do you like best about Middletown City Schools?

  • I love Middletown City Schools because we work together to create success for the students, in school related functions and for their daily lives in a safe, family environment. 

What is your favorite Middletown/your school tradition? Why?

  • Amanda Elementary does a call and response chant 

    •  Adult: “Amanda” 

    • Students: “Mustangs” 

    • Adult: “Amanda” 

    • Students: “Mustangs” 

    • Adult: “Amanda Mustangs”

    • Students yell: “Yeehaw” 

  • I love this chant because it is something that creates community and unity in the school on a consistent basis. The students and staff  also love participating! 


If you weren’t a counselor, what would you be doing?

  • I have always wanted to be a counselor.  However, if I was not in the counseling role, I would want to be an administrative assistant or work in a hospital. 

Dog wearing Happy Birthday glasses

And for some fun questions!

What do you like to do in your spare time?  What are some of your hobbies?

  • I love to craft and watch movies. I also love to spend time with my friends and family and explore new areas. 


What’s your favorite Middletown restaurant?

  • My favorite food is salsa, so I have to go with El Rancho Grande Mexican Restaurant. WIth that said, I love all of the small, unique and fun places to eat in middletown. 

Favorite quote or personal motto:

  • “ One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself” - Gretchen Rubin


Anything else you’d like to share?

  • #MiddieRising 
  • #lovingbeingamiddie
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