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Fall Play: Dead Giveaway

Middie Rising
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Fall Play: Dead Giveaway

Oct 18, 2018
Play Description

Five elderly ladies live in the same house and all, apparently, hate each other. And what a group:

Evelyn, who keeps acting out death scenes for Fiona, who's writing some sort of novel. Catherine, who keeps alluding to her "garden”. Beryl, who has secretly hired Angie, unbeknownst to Dr. Bernard and finally, Dinah, a deaf, senior citizen motorcyclist. 

What keeps these women together? And what dark secrets are they all hiding? And why do they all keep dying? Find out in this comedy chiller, where you're not sure who or what to believe, who is really murdering who. 

$5/ticket at the MHS Auditorium door.

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