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Amanda Elementary Receives Momentum Award

Middie Rising
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Amanda Elementary Receives Momentum Award

Apr 9, 2024
Picture of certificate. It reads "The Ohio Department of Education and Workforce herby awards the Momentum Award 2023 to Amanda Elementary School."

Amanda Elementary School has been presented with the Momentum Award by the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce (ODEW) for its results on the 2022-2023 state report card.

The Momentum Award is presented to school districts or buildings that have demonstrated outstanding improvement in achievement while also continuing to show growth. 

"This remarkable accomplishment reflects your unwavering commitment to excellence and the outstanding services you provide to your students and the community," Steve Dackin, President of ODEW said in a statement. "It recognizes the devoted teachers and staff who consistently go above and beyond, ensuring that all students receive exceptional learning and instruction."

Amanda Elementary was awarded for improving its performance index by 3 or more points from the 2021-2022 report card to the 2022-2023 report AND receiving a value-added rating of 4 or more stars.

"Your tireless efforts in nurturing young minds, fostering a positive learning environment, and promoting holistic development has not gone unnoticed," Dackin said. "Your impact extends far beyond the classroom, shaping the future leaders of tomorrow."

Across Ohio, 42 districts and 310 school buildings met the Momentum Award criteria.

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