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Principal's Message

Middie Rising
Carmela Cotter

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:

Welcome to Midd State!

Midd State is designed as an alternative program to our traditional high school. Middies in our Midd State program are able to take advantage of opportunities in co-curricular and social activities and athletics offered at the high school. Midd State is often referred to as a “school within a school” simply providing an alternative way to meet graduation requirements and forge a path for success in the adult world.

Midd State offers required coursework within a blended approach to learning that utilizes a computer based foundation. Hallmarks of this program include individualized mentoring, progress monitoring, and a small group, flexible schedule. With its multiple layers of support, Midd State is especially suited to students who are at risk of graduating due to multiple personal challenges.

Many of our Midd State graduates have been able to take advantage of proximity to Cincinnati State and Miami University of Middletown and graduate with some college credits. Our Midd State graduates leave with independent career and college goals and specific plans for achieving those goals.

As with any programs our Middies attend, we encourage our students to become fully involved in the opportunities and challenge them to use their high school experience to grow and develop into young adults with purpose and meaning in their lives.

Entry into Midd State is via a referral and interview process. Please call our Guidance Department (513) 420-4500 ext 2615 or Midd State (513) 420-4500 ext 2708 for more information.

We are proud to offer this unique programming option to our students!

MHS Principal, Carmela Cotter

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