In June and July 2020 (10-11 AM), meal bags (breakfast and lunch) will be available from five of our K-5 elementary schools and the MS/HS. We will hand out the bags at the front doors. To learn more, click here


Middletown High School

Scholarship Information 

Many of our Middletown High School Seniors receive scholarships to help pay for their college education. The scholarship search is primarily a family and individual student process and we encourage parents and students to share the responsibility during this exploration. Students should stay informed by listening to daily announcements at Middletown High School, monitoring the Naviance website, and checking online for individual college deadlines. Leads will be published as they become available. Naviance is a student only accessible website. Parents please collaborate with your student to access this account. Please see click here for Naviance directions. 

Seniors and their families can also utilize all resources in their quest to fund their student's college costs. Excellent resources to consult include:

The Middletown High School Guidance Department is here to help you along the way. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions, or would like additional information.

Sincerely, The Guidance Staff

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