Highview 6th Grade Center

About Us


Welcome to Highview Sixth Grade Center. Our hope is to create and maintain a positive school climate where every student is challenged, supported, and successful. The 6th Grade School is a large transition from elementary school. Our school strives to prepare each and every child for the adjustment while challenging them through rigor of today's curriculum. 

Highview Sixth Grade Center follows the teaming concept. Teaming allows schools to build smaller learning communities for our students. Each student will be placed on one of two teams. Each team of students is assigned to a teaching team. Each teaching team includes a teacher for language arts, a teacher for mathematics, a teacher for science, and a teacher for social studies. Students travel between these classrooms daily and have the opportunity to attend Art, General Music, PE, Band and Orchestra classes based on student interests. 

Highview 6th Grade Center is located at 116 S. Highview Road.   Please click on the links for contact information and directions to our school.