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Department Staff

Communication is very important to us. Please contact us by telephone: 513-423-0781 ext. 2744 or by email. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Debbie Sander     Senior Director of Student Services
Ms. Dana Miller   Student Services Coordinator
Ms. Keri Hensley   Student Services Coordinator
Mrs. Angie Cheatham   Special Education EMIS Coordinator
Reyna Caudill   Administrative Secretary
Phone:   513-423-0781

Student Services Coordinator Assignments:

Keri Hensley:     Dana Miller:
Amanda Elementary School   Amanda Elementary (Preschool)
Highview 6th Grade Center   Central Academy
Middletown Middle School   Creekview Elementary (Preschool)
Rosa Parks Elementary    Miller Ridge Elementary (Preschool)  
Middletown High School    Wildwood Elementary School  
Mayfield Elementary School     Middletown Early Learning Center (Preschool)
     Rosa Parks Elementary (Preschool)

Parent Mentor Program

The Parent Mentor Program is funded through a renewable yearly grant from the Ohio Department of Education.

Dawn Hamilton
Phone:   513-420-4620