In June and July 2020 (10-11 AM), meal bags (breakfast and lunch) will be available from five of our K-5 elementary schools and the MS/HS. We will hand out the bags at the front doors. To learn more, click here



New Hire Information

New Hire Intake Process

If you have been asked to fill out online forms as a new hire you will be receiving an email from SCView to complete these.  Look for an email from: noreply@myscview.....

Here are some guidelines to help you through your intake process:

  • Complete each form you are asked to do so in your email online
  • If you have trouble uploading a copy of a document via the online process you may need to bring them into Human Resources or Athletics to have them copied for you.  Example of documents you will need to upload: driver's license, social security card, license, etc.
  • If coaching please follow the directions that the Athletic Department has given

If you have any questions regarding the intake process please email questions to Mary Rose Farmer at: 

If you are coaching and have questions please contact Jayna Vaughn in Athletics at


Background Checks

If you need a background check for employment with the School District:

  • $55 exact cash , (no change can be made), check or money order made payable to Middletown City Schools.  (This includes both State and Federal Background Checks)
  • Please bring your: Driver’s License
  • Please make an appointment for fingerprints by calling 513-217-2650: 

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-11 A.M. or 1-3:30 P.M. (only)


Support Staff Substitutes 

The Middletown City School District is always hiring substitutes for our Secretaries and Paraprofessional Aides.

If you are interested in such a position, see "Forms & Resources" to your left and fill out all the forms under the label "Support Staff Substitutes" and make an intake appointment with Mary Rose Farmer at 513-217-2650. 

The Middletown City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer