New Hire Information

If you have been asked to fill out online forms as a new hire (forms are on the right):

  • Complete each form appropriate to your position
  • Print out each form
  • Bring to Intake Meeting 

You may also send the forms or email questions to Carla Miller at

Background Checks

If you need a background check for employment with the School District:

  • $55 exact cash, check or money order made payable to Middletown City Schools
    • (This includes both State and Federal Background Checks)
  • Please make an appointment for fingerprints by calling 513-217-2650:
    • Tuesday & Thursday 8-11 A.M. or 1-4 P.M. (only)
  • Please bring your:
    • Driver’s License


Support Staff Substitutes 

The Middletown City School District is always hiring substitutes for our Secretaries and Paraprofessional Aides.

If you are interested in such a position, fill out all the forms to the right labeled "Support Staff Substitutes" and make an intake appointment with Mary Rose Farmer at 513-217-2650. 

The Middletown City School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer