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Pfizer Fact Sheet (5-11)

We know the majority of our students learn best when they are in a classroom setting and we are determined to keep our buildings fully open for them

MCSD will communicate with families and staff regarding positive COVID-19 cases only if they are personally impacted or determined to be at risk as per CDC guidelines. Federal privacy laws protect student and staff confidentiality; therefore, personally identifiable information on any individuals testing positive or being asked to isolate or quarantine will not be shared. 


Masks Required

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What are our Safety Protocols?

As we head into the second quarter 2021, Middletown City Schools would like to thank you for your support so far this school year. As new guidelines emerge, you have pivoted and you have encouraged us to make safe and sound decisions for our buildings.  

At the October 25, 2021 Board of Education meeting, Mr. Styles updated the Board of Education with the new Ohio Department of Health (ODH) COVID-19 school quarantining guidance. These guidelines are designed to help keep students in school and reduce long-term quarantines out of school. Below is a condensed version of the updated guidelines as well as a link to the complete ODH Quarantine Guidelines. 

Mask to Stay

Those unmasked or unvaccinated who were exposed to COVID-19 from INSIDE the school setting are no longer required to follow standard quarantine rules and may remain in school IF the following criteria* are met:

  • Wear a mask to school for 14 days from the exposure;

  • Parents monitor their child's symptoms at home;

  • Exposed person isolates if symptomatic;

  • Masking may discontinue after seven (7) days if no symptoms are present and a negative COVID-19 test result after day seven (7) of exposure. Test can be a PCR or antigen test. The test cannot be an over- the-counter test that is entirely self-administered.

*This only applies to students who were exposed within the school setting. 

Test to Play

Those who have been exposed to COVID-19 and participating in extracurricular activities who are asymptomatic can continue to participate in school activities if they:

  • Test as soon as they are notified following exposure;

  • Wear a mask when reasonable such as riding on a team bus, locker room, sitting or standing on sidelines;

  • If a student tests again between days five (5) and seven (7) and tests negative, they can discontinue masking. The test can be a PCR or antigen test. The test cannot be an over-the-counter test that is entirely self-administered.

To view the updated ODH Quarantine Guidelines, click here

Safety FAQ

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