Virtual Learning

Middie Modernization Movement

If you do not attend Middletown City Schools currently and you're a resident interested in a VIRTUAL learning option, we are happy to help you navigate the enrollment process!

Virtual Middies

The 20-21 school year brings new options for Middletown City School District students to pursue their education. Middletown Schools will offer a Virtual Learning Option for students in grades K-12. Students who choose this option will not attend school during the school day. 

Virtual students will be totally online for their school work (for at least one semester).

  • Students in grades K-5 will have virtual courses in Google Classroom.
  • Students in grades  6-12 will access Apex Learning for their course work.

Course content will meet the Ohio learning standards and the four learning domains outlined in the Ohio Department of Education’s Strategic Plan: Foundational Knowledge and Skills, Well-Rounded Content, Leadership and Reasoning, and Social Emotional Learning.

All students that choose the virtual learning option will be supported by Middletown City School District teachers and they will have the same extracurricular opportunities as students who attend the brick and mortar school each day. All students participating in athletics must meet the OHSAA guidelines for eligibility. Please be aware that the virtual option does NOT allow for enrollment in performing arts classes (band, orchestra, choir), and remote learning DOES include performing arts. 

The virtual learning courses are developed to deliver students a rigorous option filled with media-rich content while still able to receive instruction from an MCSD teacher. Teachers will maintain office hours during the school day to accommodate students. Parents will receive updates, have access to grades, and have the ability to conference with teachers on their student’s progress.

Middie Digital Manual

 Students who engage in the virtual option must meet the following criteria.

  • Regular activity in the course and completion of course assignments (to meet attendance requirement and receive credit);
  • Complete at least one semester before requesting to returning to face to face classroom learning;
  • Attend regular class meetings with the teacher.

 To enroll in the Virtual Learning Platform for the 2nd semester, click below. This application closes on Friday, November 13 at 11:59 PM



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If I chose the virtual learning option, will I still be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities (band, sports, etc.)?


What will happen if I miss assignments or have incomplete work at the end of a grading period while completing the work digitally?


What is Remote Learning?


Who do I contact if I have trouble with my computer or other digital devices?


Who do I contact if I have questions about the academic work?


How will I be graded if I am a virtual student?


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