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Math graphic


Our kindergarten through twelve math curriculum is aligned with Ohio’s common core standards. During instruction students and teachers focus on the eight standards for mathematical practices and best teaching strategies set forth from decades of research. Our kindergarten through five math program uses EngageNY as their curriculum source. EngageNY lessons have a fluency, concept development, guided practice, student debrief, and independent practice in every lesson. This lesson format allows time for students to work collaboratively, independently, and time for our teachers to work one-on-one or in small groups to help struggling students. Teachers and students try to insert manipulatives when possible to help with learning and with deepening knowledge. Our six through eight math program uses Big Ideas as their curriculum source. Big Ideas is a multiple pathway curriculum. Starting in seventh grade students who have demonstrated their superior skills in math can enter into pre-algebra. This sets as a precursor to our eighth grade algebra class which is aligned with high school algebra I requirements. Once students enter into high school there are again multiple pathways that students can take in order to fulfill the Ohio graduation requirements. Our twelve different math courses help to educate our wide range of career and college bound students.

Science Graphic


Our kindergarten through twelve science curriculum is aligned with Ohio’s newly revised science standards. During instruction students and teachers focus on the 5E model and best teaching strategies set forth from decades of research. Grades kindergarten through eight have earth and space science, life science, and physical science standards that are taught throughout the school year. Once students enter into high school there are multiple pathways students can take in order to fulfill the Ohio graduation requirements including general classes, advanced / honors classes, and advanced placement classes. Our kindergarten through twelve lab formats progressively build from year to year in an effort to create strong problem solvers before graduation. Some of the programs what we use include Achieve 3000 grades three through five, and high school, and Science Fusion grades six through eight. These programs incorporate needed reading and writing skills into our programs along with providing virtual labs to aide with understanding.

The Importance of Fluency

Fluency is the ability to read accurately, quickly, and with expression.  It is important to success in reading because it provides the reader with connection between word recognition (decoding) and comprehension.  Click on each link below to learn more about the importance of fluency and resources parents can use to practice and develop fluency at home. 



English as a Second Language

English as a Second Language

Middletown City School District serves around 300 English Language Learners (ELLs) from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Although the majority of our ELLs come from homes where Spanish is the dominant language, we also have students that speak a variety of other languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, and Gujarati.

All ELLs participate in mainstream classes along with their native speaking peers. Every classroom teacher, as well as all administrators, receive SIOP (Sheltered Immersion Observation Protocol) training in the use of effective strategies and techniques that facilitate second language acquisition.

ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction focuses on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in order to help ELLs attain English language proficiency and succeed academically. ESL instruction is provided by certified tutors using National Geographic’s researched-based curriculum. Students are placed in ESL classes based on their English language proficiency levels. All tutors hold a current teaching license in education. We currently have:

  • two full time tutors serving Wildwood Elementary
  • one full time and one part time tutor serving Rosa Parks Elementary
  • two part time tutors serving Amanda, Central, Creekview, Miller Ridge, and Mayfield
  • one part time tutor serving the Highview 6th Grade Center
  • one full time and one part time tutor serving the Middle School 
  • one full time tutor serving the High School. 

Newcomers receive additional support with a focus on basic literacy skills as well as acclimation to US schools and culture. Because we have so many students that are beginners in the Middle School, we also offer in-class academic support through certified teachers/tutors in some content classes. At the High School in addition the Newcomer’s class and ESL instruction, we offer English I classes specifically designed for beginning and low intermediate ELLs. 

Middletown City Schools’ ELL Parent Liaison helps support ELLs and their families.