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Elementary Expansion Project

Middie Rising

Since summer 2017, Middletown City School District has identified addressing overcrowding and space concerns in the elementary buildings as a priority. In 2018, the district evaluated a variety of options for adding new academic space. In October 2018, the Middletown Board of Education (BOE) determined adding space to an existing building was the most fiscally responsible decision (read more here). In spring 2019, the BOE voted their approval for an addition to Rosa Parks Elementary.

At the August 2019 BOE meeting, the board voted on the chosen construction manager, Conger Construction, and had a first read of the Rosa Parks addition with costs. Following the first read, the board voted on the construction project at the September 9 meeting. 

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Why Now?

Since summer 2017, Middletown City School District has identified addressing enrollment and space concerns in our elementary buildings as a priority. Amanda Elementary, Creekview Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, and Wildwood Elementary are experiencing the highest degree of enrollment and space concerns.  At the September 24, 2018 Board of Education (BOE) meeting, discussion focused on building capacity and new, innovative academic programming at the Middletown City School District’s elementary schools. At the October 8, 2018 BOE meeting, the board passed a resolution to solve the space and overcrowding problem (read more here).

Who will build it?

Over the summer 2019, MCSD administrators went through the process to determine the construction manager at risk. On August 26, the BOE approved Conger Construction. We’re excited to welcome back the Conger team. We worked with Conger to construct the modernized and renovated Middletown High School and the brand new, state-of-the-art Middletown Middle School. 

What can you expect construction-wise in the next few months?

MCSD and Conger representatives will work to ensure a safe construction site. As part of our community outreach efforts, the team will visit with its Rosa Parks neighbors who surround the school grounds. 

What's the timeline?

On September 9, the BOE approved the design plans for the RP Expansion Project. The next step in the process is to begin working with Conger Construction and Fanning Howey Architects to determine the construction timeline. The plan is to have the addition completed and ready for students in August 2021.

Will Rosa Parks Elementary have additional support staff?

With an increase in student body, we will staff the building appropriately. We will have a principal, assistant principal, four new staff members, plus staff from our other elementary schools. Our teacher:student ratio will remain consistent across the district. Back in February 2019, the Rosa Parks Elementary staff made their desire for the project in their school known to the community, BOE, and administrators. We believe in the Rosa Parks staff. They are excited to start the work transforming the education of each and every one of our MCSD elementary students.

Will Rosa Parks get a new playground?

You might notice some changes already! Hopefully you’ve seen our students enjoying the brand new playground at Rosa Parks Elementary. 

What is Challenge Based Learning (CBL)?

In summer 2019, a team of MCSD teachers and administrators traveled to the Digital Promise Challenge Institute. At the Institute, they attended an immersive, hands-on, professional learning experience that gave them the tools to create an authentic, real-world learning environment for all students. Our Middle school science teachers are partnering with Digital Promise using CBL to create science challenges. We look forward to bringing CBL to Rosa Parks Elementary. 

Our students and teachers explain CBL in this video

Learn more about CBL

How much will it cost?

On August 26, the BOE approved Conger Construction as the Construction Manager at Risk. The next step in the process is to begin determining the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) with Conger Construction. The overall budget for the MCSD Rosa Parks Expansion Project remains $10 Million (see below).

How will the district fund the project?

Financing for this project comes from the $10,000,000 savings we incurred from the State of Ohio on our Middletown High School renovation and new Middletown Middle School construction projects. At the October 8, 2018 BOE meeting the board passed a resolution to sell the remaining bond funds to add additional academic space. As with any any project involving construction, the construction timeline dictates delivery.  Project decisions are being made now to ensure the new academic space will be ready August 2021. The $10 million project does not require a bond levy (read more here).

“In May 2014, the Middletown voters passed a bond issue for $55 million. Through our partnership with the State of Ohio, we only needed to utilize $45 million for the new Middle School and modernized High School. This means we have $10 million we can use on permanent improvement projects such as adding to an existing building. The cost of the project including architect fees, construction management, and the actual construction is limited to the $10 million.” -Randy Bertram, Treasurer at MCSD.

In the News

“In line with Middletown City School District’s strategic plan, we want every child to receive an exceptional learning experience. By adding more space to our elementary schools, [the] design team will be able to give more children access to innovative programing with a focus on contemporary design and delivery of instruction.” -Chris Urso, MCSD BOE President.

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