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Middletown Welcomes New Faces
When teachers and staff return to school there will be some new faces in the crowd.  In fact, this year Middletown welcomes 100+ teachers and staff and four new administrators.  Each of the hires was made to replace a pervious staff member; none of the positions are additional or new to the district’s bottom line.  

“This is an exciting time for our schools and you can just feel the energy,” stated Sam Ison, superintendent.  “We have some wonderful things happening for our students, like the construction projects but we also have some new employees and they are thrilled to be at Middletown.”
Like many districts throughout Ohio, the last school year is one of the big retirement years for teachers and staff.  That is due to the changes in Ohio’s retirement system which made it very attractive for someone at the end of their career to retire then.
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Middletown Receives Three Principal Trainees from State
Among the new faces at Middletown schools this school year will be three scholars from Ohio’s new program called “Bright New Leaders for Ohio Schools.”  The three Bright scholars will shadow Middletown administrators throughout this school year only and at zero cost to Middletown residents.  

“We are thrilled to receive three scholars and we certainly appreciate that they have a calling to work with high-poverty schools,” stated Sam Ison, superintendent.  “Our schools need and deserve excellent and energetic leaders.”

Ohio’s Bright scholar program is in its first year and is designed to train and educate future principals by placing them in the highest poverty schools.  Among the 35 scholars statewide, Middletown is receiving three. 

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School Bus Schedules
School bus schedules and routes for the 2015-16 school year have been released. The first day of school for MCSD students i Wednesday, August 12.

Bus Notices (cards) will be mailed to every household with children attending the MCSD that ride the bus. Parents should receive them by Tuesday (8/4).  We will be running the newspaper posting on 8/6.  “We are excited to have the opportunity to deliver excellent service to the students, schools and people of this community once again,” said Andrew Mays, Peterman general manager.

If you have any questions regarding transportation, please call 513/420-4568.  Click "Read More" for the schedules.
Student Handbooks and Code of Conduct now online
In an effort to “go green” and save printing costs, we have made our 2015/16 Student Handbook and Code of Conduct available online. 

You will find the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct on the homepage under parents or students We will no longer print the entire handbook, only the “Acknowledgment Page” that all parents and students must sign acknowledging they have seen the online version. This needs to be returned to the office. After reading through your school’s handbook, please complete this form and return to your child’s teacher.

**If you do not have access to a computer and need a hard copy of this handbook, please contact your child’s school. Thank you!

2015 Kindergarten start date

Tuesday, August 11           Teacher work day

Wednesday, August 12      Scheduled student conferences and 
Thursday, August 13         Scheduled student conferences and 

Friday, August 14              Scheduled student conferences and KRA

Monday, August 17           1st day of school for kindergartners with last names 
                                        beginning A-M

Tuesday, August 18           1st day of school for kindergartners with last names 
                                         beginning N-Z

Wednesday, August 19      All kindergarten students attend school
Students RAMP up their reading skills
Congratulations to the over 50 students completing the summer RAMP Program.  You ROCK!

Incoming 2nd and 3rd grade students from Amanda, Mayfield, Rosa Parks, Creekview, Miller Ridge, Wildwood and Central Academy attended a fun filled, engaging and interactive two week session to RAMP up their reading skills. 

This intense targeted instruction program is designed to help students improve their reading, comprehension, and writing skills.

We are looking forward to next weeks session with incoming 1st grade students.

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School Supply List for 2015-16 School Year
Click on the school supply link below for grades K-8 school supply list.

Please note***
Every item on the Highview 6th Grade Center list is being provided to each student by Stratford Heights Church of God.  Parents won't have to purchase anything for their 6th grade students.  Thank you Stratford Heights Church of God!

Supplies for MHS will vary depending on course and teacher requirements.  All students should come to school on the first day with paper and pencils.

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Upcoming Events
Parenting Partner Workshops

Parenting Partners™ workshops combine parenting and leadership skills that empower parents to become vital contributors to their children’s academic success. The eight comprehensive workshops are presented by each school’s own trained facilitator team multiple times year-round, in multiple languages, creating a sustainable source of parent leaders.

Time: 5:00-6:30pm
Location: Wildwood
Dates: Sept. 29th
             Oct. 6th
             Oct. 13th
             Oct. 20th
             Oct. 27th
             Nov. 3th
             Nov, 10th
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