Community Conversation: Strategic Plan
Starting 3/15/2018
Event Groups:
• Middletown City Schools - District Events
• Middletown Middle School - Middle School Events
• Highview 6th Grade Center - Highview Events
• Amanda Elementary School - Amanda Events
• Creekview Elementary School - Creekview Events
• Mayfield Elementary School - Mayfield Events
• Miller Ridge Elementary School - Miller Ridge Events
• Rosa Parks Elementary School - Rosa Parks Events
• Wildwood Elementary School - Wildwood Events
• Central Academy - Central Events
• Staff Intranet - Staff Intranet Events
• Middletown High School - Middletown High School Events
• Midd State - Midd State Events

Please join us in a Community Conversation! We are hosting three separate nights (3/15, 3/20, and 3/22 (Spanish)) to discuss our 3-year Strategic Plan! We will meet at 6 PM in the MHS Community Room (601 N. Breiel Blvd.). We look forward to seeing you #MiddieRising
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