Middletown City School District Unveils Strategic Plan, Middie Modernization Movement

On January 2018, Middletown City School District announced the release of their three-year Strategic Plan that highlights the district’s four key strategies to meet their beliefs and mission in all areas of future planning, activities, and initiatives.

“At Middletown Schools, we value an education that Inspires, Unites, and Transforms every one of our students and we want every Middletown resident to know that for the past few months our Strategic Planning Committee, made up by members of the leadership team, teachers, community partners, and the Board of Education, has worked hard to create a three-year strategic plan,” said Marlon Styles, Middletown City Schools Superintendent. 

The inception of the strategic planning began nearly a year ago, but made strides when the Strategic Planning Committee reconvened at the start of the 2017-18 school year. The Strategic Planning Committee recognized a need for a fundamental redesign of the way the district made decisions. Instead of focusing on small, incremental district improvements, the Committee wants to push the district out of its comfort zone and make uncommon achievements commonplace.

“Since August, I’ve been talking about the Middie Modernization Movement and many of you have been wondering what the movement entails. The goals and objectives of the Strategic Plan drive our campaign to modernize how we educate our students. Improving student achievement is the point of convergence of the strategic plan’s four focus areas,” said Styles.

The four key areas: Instructional Excellence, Valuing Diversity, Student and Family Wellness, and Communication and Community Engagement.

Styles commends the Middletown Board of Education for their vision and support in the plan and believing in the philosophy and development of Strategic Planning.

“The BOE would like to extend our thanks to everyone involved with the development of the strategic plan. This was a collaborative effort that utilized the talents of many within and outside of MCSD. With the goal to educate the whole child, we realize the need to be organized and reasoned in our approach. This plan provides a template to achieve this goal,” said Chris Urso, Middletown Board of Education President.