Crushin' It at Highview!

At Middletown City School District’s Highview 6th Grade Center, the students and staff are divided into six teams throughout the school. The Gold Crusher team is led by Mrs. Richard, Intervention Specialist. The Gold Crushers have chosen the name to incorporate the school's motto of GOLD standard: Go for Goals, Own Your Learning, Lead Responsibly, Dress for Success.

On the second Wednesday of every month, Mrs. Richard’s students host a luncheon for all staff and parents. At the “Gold Crush Cafe”, students prepare baked potatoes, soup, desserts, and beverages. This helps the students practice everyday skills by preparing the desserts, greeting guests, seating guests upon arrival, serving beverages, and cleaning tables. These roles incorporates students’ individualized goals including occupational and physical therapy. 

When asked about inviting teachers and parents to the class lunch, Mrs. Richard said, “it is always a great opportunity to informally meet with the families of the students in my class.” 

Ask any district staff member and the Highview parents about the Gold Crusher lunch and you will find everyone enjoys interacting and watching the students show off their skills.

Apparently this goes both ways. One of Mrs. Richard’s students, Luke said “I really like eating with the teachers!”