ICYMI Middletown Bus Drivers Earn Top Award

Two of our Middletown City School District bus drivers from Petermann Bus Services were each awarded the Petermann President’s Award for Driver and Monitor. Shari Brate and Rhonda Smith showed their dedication in a truly exceptional way.

These two individuals are now in the running to earn the highest honor—attendance at and eligibility for the National Express Group Values Awards hosted in London. Winners will be announced at the March 15 North American Value Awards celebration. Congratulations to all on this amazing achievement!

Our students and staff are fortunate to have dedicated people steering our school busses.

Shari Brate and Rhonda Smith—Middletown, OH, Petermann
The quick thinking and immediate actions of Driver Shari and Monitor Rhonda saved a child’s life on a bitter cold December day. Middletown City Schools were on a delay because temperatures were dipping down into the single digits. While on route, Rhonda noticed a child walking in only pajamas and a light jacket. When they brought the child onto the bus, he was so cold he could not speak clearly for several minutes. When he finally was able to speak, they learned that he was five years old, lost, and very confused. While they waited for the police to arrive they got the child warm by wrapping him in their own coats and giving him their gloves. The police soon arrived and took custody of the child, thanking the team for saving the child’s life. The severity of the situation brought both Shari and Rhonda to tears. Their amazing rescue brought recognition from the school district.