Middletown City School District Receives Auditor of State Award

A recent financial audit of the Middletown City School District (MCSD) by the Auditor of State’s office has returned a clean audit report.  Middletown City School District’s excellent record keeping has earned it the Auditor of State Award.

“The Auditor of State award is proof of what we already know: Middletown City School District takes a great deal of responsibility and pride in being good stewards of our taxpayers’ dollars. Our district’s financial forecast shows a very stable future thanks to a strong focus on being fiscally responsible with our practices across the district,” said Randy Bertram, Treasurer at MCSD.

The Auditor of State Award is presented to local governments and school districts upon the completion of a financial audit. Entities that receive the award meet the following criteria of a “clean,” or free of material issues, audit report:

  • The audit report does not contain any findings for recovery, material citations, material weaknesses, significant deficiencies, Single Audit findings or questioned costs; and,
  • The entity’s management letter contains no comments related to:
    >Ethics referrals
    >Questioned costs less than $10,000
    >Lack of timely report submission
    >Failure to obtain a timely Single Audit
    >Findings for recovery less than $100
    >Public meetings or public records
  • No other financial or other concerns exist

    “Receiving the Auditor of State Award is a great example of sound fiscal management in the Middletown City School District. Our strategic plan relies on a fiscally sound budget so we can intentionally designate funds to continue improving student achievement. We are fortunate to have a strong financial leadership team that knows being fiscally responsible is just as important as improved student achievement,” said Marlon Styles, Superintendent at MCSD.

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