Nurse's Office

Nurse's Office

 Welcome to Creekview Elementary School Nurse's Office. Please feel free to contact the school nurse with any health related issues that your student may have during the school year.


Food Allergies

Creekview Elementary has students with peanut and tree nut allergies. Please check with your student's teacher before sending in any class treats containing nuts.

If your child has food allergies of any kind, please notify the school nurse and your student's teacher. The school nurse will notify the cafeteria manager. School district policy requests a doctor's note on each student with food allergies.

At School Care

If your child is injured or becomes ill at school, the school will notify you. Therefore, it is imperative that we know:

1. Where to reach you (home, business, and relative/neighbor’s telephone).

2. The name, address, and telephone number of your family doctor.

At the beginning of each school year, each student should bring home a Health & Emergency Information form. Please complete this form and return it to your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Parents are urged to make every effort to keep current contact information on the emergency medical forms. If necessary, parents should contact the school to update these forms during the school year.
Emergency Medical


Classroom Treats

The Middletown City School District is implementing a Wellness Plan this school year to address growing concerns with childhood obesity.

Students will be taught about good nutrition and the value of making healthy food choices.

To send the right message and promote a healthier lifestyle, we offer the following suggestions for healthier party treats.

• Milk/flavored milk
• Water/flavored water (0 calories)
• Fruit & cheese kabobs
• Vegetable trays
• Pretzels
• Graham crackers
• Animal crackers
• Pizza with low-fat toppings
• Instant pudding made with milk
• Yogurt in a tube (try frozen)
• Quesadillas with salsa
• Trail/cereal mixes
• 100% juice
• Fresh fruit assortment
• 100% fruit snacks
• String cheese/cheese cubes
• Low-fat popcorn
• Vanilla wafers
• Angel food cake
• Apples with fat-free caramel dip
• Yogurt smoothies
• Crackers with cheese
• Low-fat breakfast/granola bars
• Peanut butter with apples or celery
• Yogurt parfaits (yogurt, berries, granola, layered)
• Pizza dippers (pizza toppings and bread on skewer with marinara dip)

** Treats that are brought to school to share with the class need to be store purchased, not homemade, and in their original containers with nutrition information on the package. This is important for our students with food allergies and diabetes.

Medication Forms