Principal's Message

From the Desk of Kee Edwards

 Dear Miller Ridge Families,
Welcome back to another fun and exciting school year. Teacher have been getting ready for the upcoming school year by participating in several professional development opportunities to help improve student achievement. As we return this year, we will have a new secretary in the building. Please take an opportunity to become familiar with her and introduce yourselves when you get a chance.
The new era of responsibility is upon us and as a staff we are adjusting to the ever changing systems. We are in our third year of the new online MAP testing process in all grades. I encourage parents to expose students to keyboarding skills, typing exercises and other available on-line resources to help students increase their computer literacy.
We are excited to announce for the 2014-2015 school year we met 6 of 9 indicators for the Ohio State Report Card in the following grades: 3rd Grade Math, 3rd Grade Reading, 4th Grade Math, 4th Grade Reading & 5th Grade Reading. Indicators met, means we have met the state's passing percent for student achievement in those content areas and grades.
With the demands and expectations rising from year to year, it is vital that teachers have the time to teach. Anything that interrupts our teachers from teaching, will ultimately impact student achievement. We are asking that ALL parents join in the partnership of MIDDIE PRIDE! Our MIDDIE PRIDE program is an incentive based program that focuses on positive student behaviors. We need your help to ensure that students come to school ready to learn with their best behavior.
For many of our students a bus ride to school sets the tone for the day. It becomes increasingly more important for both safety and academic reasons that students follow the bus rules. This year, bus referrals involving physical violence will be met with the most-strict consequences for any student K-5. No student should have to ride our buses in fear of other students. Please demand from your son/daughter that they refrain from putting their hands on other students.
                                                                  HAVE A GREAT YEAR!!!!!! 
Thank You,
Kee Edwards
Building Principal