About Us

 Welcome to Midd State!

Our goal is to provide an online educational opportunity in a supportive and flexible environment, which will allow the student to pursue his/her dream of attaining a Middletown High School diploma. Midd State is an online, mastery-based educational option made possible through a partnership between Middletown City Schools and Cincinnati State. Learning is self-paced and put in a real-world context. Many students complete course requirement rapidly, recover credits, regain self-confidence, and graduate on time.
Students Can:
  • Earn an MHS diploma
  • Complete courses on an individual basis
  • Recover credits/accelerate their learning
  • Enroll in College Credit Plus courses
  • Participate in MHS Sports/Activities
  • Earn high school credit for employment/service learning through Butler Tech
  • Provided a mentor to assist with educational goals/Social-Emotional Growth
  • Access to career resources for planning future goals
  • Learning in a safe and comfortable environment
Our expectation is for each student to attend school everyday, follow his or her Individual Success Plan, and cooperate fully with the staff of Midd State. Midd State is a program of choice. It is a privilege to take part in this program. Each student should take full advantage of the opportunity to complete their high school diploma.

What is the process for becoming a part of Midd State?

  • Students must be enrolled in Middletown High School.
  • 900 Lexile Reading Level
  • Referral from High School Guidance Counselor
  • One or more At-risk indicator
  • Complete an interview process
"Midd State takes you as you are and helps you become who you want to be.”
-SA Student

“This is just what I needed.”
–SA graduate
“I love it! It’s given me chance to stay in school and graduate. I’m amazed at how much easier it is for me to learn and study.”
-SA Student 

“Regular school was boring, so I skipped all the time. Here it’s flexible hours. I can do that…and I want to graduate.”
-SA Student

“It’s easy to stay motivated when they tell you that you do a good job.” -SA Student

“I can work at my own pace. Anytime I need help with anything, I have someone to go to.”
-SA Student