Todd Moore

Mr. Todd Moore

Service Begin Date: 1/2016

Term Expires: 12/2021
District Committees/Boards:
OSBA Legislative Liaison- Alternate
Tax Incentive Review Council
Planning Commission Representative
Business Partnership
Curriculum Committee
Finance Committee
Miami University, Oxford, Bachelors' in Public Administration and Political Science.
University of Akron, M.A.P.
*Received Political Science honors from Miami and Akron Universities and published in the Akron Law Review.
Personal/Family Information:
I am married and have two children: Claire and Dean.
Do you hold any organizational memberships? If yes, what are they?:

Board of Directors for the Community Building Institute and the American Heart Association, Middletown, Ohio; Chair of the Board on Zoning Appeals and Member of the Planning Commission, City of Middletown, Ohio; Chair the Communications Committee for the Ohio Afterschool Network and a Member of the Executive Leadership Team, Ohio Afterschool Network, Columbus, Ohio; Member of the Middletown Community Foundation’s, Distribution Committee and Marketing Committee; and a Member of the Middletown Rotary Foundation.

What is your professional background?

Education & Outreach Director for Trinity Debt Management, Cincinnati, Ohio. I’ve worked in nonprofit management and financial services for 10 years. In addition, I have extensive experience working with public schools as a fundraiser raising funds for K-3 literacy, mentoring, technology, youth development and parental engagement programs.

What are your goals for this school board term?:
My goals are to improve climate and communication, accountability, strengthen our district's report card and create a strong vision for our district.
What is your favorite hobby?:
I enjoy spending time with my family and working to improve Middletown.

Contact Information:

Middletown City Schools
One Donham Plaza, 4th Floor
Middletown, Ohio 45042