Student Insurance

Student Accident Insurance

Middletown City Schools is happy to offer parents and guardians a solution to obtain insurance for your student through N. Carol Insurance Agency, Inc. 
Parents should contact the N. Carol Insurance Agency at the following address or by phone if they are interested in this insurance (not to the schools). 
N. Carol Insurance Agency, Inc.
Nancy C. Rundels
1989 W. Fifth Ave. Ste. #6
Columbus, Ohio 43212-1912
(614) 486-1666  
Parents may contact Nancy Rundels at (614) 486-1666 with any questions.

Student Insurance Forms

Guarantee Trust Life has offered the student insurance plan for the 2017-2018 school year.
This PDF is already signed by MCSD administrators and for students.
This claim form must be completed and signed by the Organization and the injured Member.
This policy is issued to the policyholder by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company (herein referred to as We, Us, Our) on the policy effective date at 12:01 a.m. standard time at Policyholder's address. The Policyholder and Policy Effective Date are shown on the Schedule of Benefits.

Contact Information

For questions about plans, payments, claims, etc., please contact:
Nancy Rundels
N. Carol Insurance Agency, Inc. 
(614) 486-1666

For questions about obtaining forms from your school, please contact:

School Secretaries should contact Mary Rose Farmer with any questions:
Mary Rose Farmer
ext. 2650