Scholarships & College Information


Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

Many of our Middletown High School Seniors receive scholarships to help pay for their college education. The scholarship search is primarily a family and individual student process. We encourage parents and students to share the responsibility during this exploration. Students should stay informed by listening to daily announcements at Middletown High School, monitoring the Middletown High School Guidance website under the Scholarships tab, and checking online for individual college deadlines. Leads will be published as they become available.

Seniors and their families can also utilize all resources in their quest to fund their student's college costs. Excellent resources to consult include:

  • Parents' Employers
  • Local Organizations:
    • Middletown Community Foundation 
    • Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation
  • Church Bulletins
  • Career & College Readiness Classes - for updates & information
  • TV Middletown
  • Websites:

 The Middletown High School Guidance Department is here to help you along the way. Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions, or would like additional information.


The Guidance Staff

Award: $1,000/ Deadline: March 29th/ Requirements: Must Major in Education; Application; and Transcripts
Requirements: Must be a minority senior student; GPA: 2.5 or above; must have an interest in journalism (major); Essay / Deadline: March 31st
Award: $16,000/ Requirements: 3.2 GPA; Essay; Application/Deadline April 5th
Deadline: March 28th/ 500 Word Essay/ Must be a School Safety Patrol Member (past or present)/ $250-$1,000
Award: $1,000/ Requirements: African American; 3.0 GPA; Essay; Application; Community Service/ Deadline: April 15th.
$1,000/ Deadline: February 23rd/ Essay: 500 words/ GPA: 3.0/ Must attend 2 Town Hall Meetings
Award: Amount Varies/ Deadline: April 11th/ Requirements: Min. GPA: 3.0; Must have applied to 3 colleges, Application; 2 Letters of Recommendation
Female Students Only/Major: Education/Requirement: Essay, Transcript, Recommendation Letter, and Application/ Deadline: March 23rd
Requirements: Major in Nursing, Application, 3 Letters of Recommendation, & Essay/Amount:$2,500/ Deadline: April 1st
Award: Minimum $200/ Deadline: February 28th 2:15PM/ Essay Required
Deadline: April 6th/ Major: Any/ GPA: 2.7 or higher/ Award: $10,000
Qualifications: Female Senior, 3.0 GPA, Golf Athlete/Requirements: 2 Letter of Recommendations, 250 Word Essay, Application, and High School Transcript.
Requirements: Senior; Purse a degree in Education; Complete an application with 2 recommendations./ Deadline: February 28th (must mail in)/ Award: $600
Award: $1,500/Requirements: Senior; Education Major; Essay; Recommendation Letter/ Deadline; March 9th
Award: $2,500/ Requirements: Essay, Application, Recommendation Letters/ Deadline: April 1st
Award: Amount Varies/ Requirements: Application; Recommendation Letters; Transcripts; Major: Nursing/ Deadline: March 23rd
Award: Amount Varies/ Requirements: Application; Recommendation Letter; Transcript; Member of Key Club/ Deadline: March 23rd.