Positive School Culture


PSC, or Positive School Climate, is about creating an environment where learning and achievement can take root and grow. The foundation for a positive school climate rests on the integration of academic and behavior approaches that address the student as a whole person. Instructional practices teach to the standards and are culturally relevant. Curriculum and instruction engages students by providing personal meaning for them. Behavior is approached positively, with an emphasis on prevention. There are clear, positive expectations and behavior supports to increase academic achievement. There are systems in place to assure that continuums of strategies are used to match the need of the students. Adults have high expectations and team effectively with colleagues to help students achieve at their maximum level. The environment welcomes and values all cultural and racial groups, and staff view difference as a strength upon which to build.

In Middletown City Schools, and at Central, we center our approach around the acronym, PRIDE:






As a school, we gather in our Town Hall meetings to discuss our values and what Middie PRIDE means to us as students and staff. We work each day to build relationships and consider the whole child when making decisions about behaviors and academics. Through our work with Positive School Climate, we have grown closer in our understanding as a community.