Newsletters and Publications

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Parent Mentor Newsletters: 
Individualized Education Program (IEP): What Parents Need To Know, Section 6 & 7 gives basic easy to understand information on the IEP. A must have for families who may be attending their first IEP meeting. The brochure discusses what information should be included in an IEP such as goals, present levels of performance and services. There is also a list of questions parents can ask at the IEP meeting to make sure they clearly understand their child's educational plan.
The Evaluation Process:  What Parents Need To Know lists the 5 general steps involved in getting your child evaluated to see if there are eligible for special education services as a student with a disability according to IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).
Addressing Challenging Behaviors At School: What Parents Need To Know is a booklet that talks about the interventions and strategies available to help students.  The include positive behavior supports, behavior plans and functional behavior assessments. 
Step Ahead at Age 3 (revised) is a booklet that explains the movement from Help Me Grow or Birth to Age 3 Services to Preschool or Special Education Services. 
Your Life, Your Future: Building a Plan is a guide for parents and students on the transition from the school world to the adult world. It walks families through the transition process beginning at age 14 and provides helpful resources for Middletown families. 
The Transition Recordkeeping and Resource Binder is a system for parents and students to organize documents and resources that will be needed as a students leave high school and move into the adult world. Sections A, B, C  includes Personal and Family History, Medical and Related Services Information, and Educational Information. Sections D, E, F include Agency Information, Employment and Work Information and College Information.  Sections G, H, I include Community/Independent Living Information, Legal and Financial Information and References and Resources. Files, forms and instructions can be downloaded and inserted into a 4 -5 binder to create your personal record keeping system. Please allow extra time for download.
Special Education: Educational Vs. Medical Models of Service is a brochure that clearly explains services that schools can offer and how they may differ from private therapy/doctor services. Many thanks to the members of the Regional Autism Advisory Council’s Warren County Task Force who developed this brochure for others to use. 
Adult Services and Supports provides information for Middletown families on seven specific areas related to transition: cash benefits and household supports, employment and career development, transportation, medical and mental health, education and further training, housing and emergency services. Middletown High School Transition Contacts includes contact information for the main agencies involved in transition planning. 
Age of Majority: Your Rights at Age 18 discusses the legal and educational changes that take place at age 18 for students.  Information on guardianship is also included.