Career Opportunities

Current Open Positions

2017/2018 School Year
  • Elementary Principal @ Rosa Parks
  • High School Assistant Principal
  • School Psychologist (Must Speak Spanish)
  • 3/4 Grade Teacher @ Rosa Parks
  • 1st Grade Teacher @ Amanda Elementary
  • Anticipated Elementary Art Teacher
  • Math Teacher @ Middletown High School
  • Math Teacher @ Middletown Middle School
  • Language Arts Teacher @ Middletown High School
  • Language Arts Teacher @ Middletown Middle School
  • Alternative Intervention Tutor @ Highview
  • Alternative Intervention Tutor @ Rosa Parks
  • Reading/Math Technology Teacher (Elementary Building TBD)
  • Intervention Specialist @ Middletown Middle
  • Intervention Specialist @ Miller Ridge
  • Elementary Intervention Specialist with Social Communication & Autism Background
  • Library Aide (10 hours/week) @ Creekview
  • Paraprofessional Aide @ Middletown Middle
  • Paraprofessional Aide @ Highview
  • Paraprofessional Aide @ Amanda
Athletics 2017-2018 School Year
  • Varsity - Girls Bowling Coach
  • Varsity - Girls Track & Field Coach
  • Varsity - Assistant Wrestling Coach
  • Middle School Head Volleyball Coach
  • Middle School Head Wrestling Coach
  • Middle School Cross Country Coach
  • JV Girls Golf Coach

(Please click on "Applitrack" at the right to apply for any of the above positions.  Substitutes please read information to the right.)


Job Description(s):

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Substitute Teachers
For substitute teaching positions in our district please apply through the Southwest Ohio Council of Governments by clicking here .
All long term substitutes must be properly licensed for their grade level(s) and/or content area.

Substitute Paraprofessionals &
Substitute Secretaries
Substitutes work on an as needed basis when a building employee needs to be out.  If you are interested in becoming a substitute please visit our webpage at this link: Support Staff Substitutes and fill out all forms.  Contact Human Resources to set up an appointment after all forms are completed at 513-217-2650.

New Hire Information
If you have been newly hired please visit our webpage at this link: New Hire Information to fill out the appropriate forms.  Thank you.