2017 Quality Profile

2017 Quality Profile

Dear Middletown Community Member, 
Middletown City School District works daily to provide an Education that Inspires, Unites and Transforms our students. We do this by engaging each student with challenging and innovative experiences in supportive environments, propelling them to lifelong success. Driven by the Middie Modernization Movement, Middletown City School District is focused on revising its response to intervention strategies, utilizing data literate practices and strengthening digital learning to encourage innovation in instruction, providing equitable opportunities for adult and student wellness, and making relevant connections to the Middletown community.
With these important pillars in mind, the Middie Modernization Movement, coupled with the strategic plan is leading this district to success. This digital Quality Profile is designed to give you an understanding of the modernization taking place in the district that is focused on providing holistic educational experiences to our students. Blended with innovative approaches and foundational principals, this movement ensures our students have brighter futures. 
Thanks for your continued support,
Middletown City School District Administrators & Staff 

The Middie Modernization Movement

Quality Instruction

Developing the Whole Child

Enhancing Digital Literacy

Communication & Community Engagement

Fiscal Responsibility

Board of Education

Back Row (L to R): Anita Scheibert (member), Marcia Andrew (vice president), Michelle Novak (member)
Front Row (L to R):  Chris Urso (president), Todd Moore (member)

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